How It Works

Set a Goal: Set an individual fundraising goal or invite buddies to set a team fundraiser. The user selects the type of workout (bike/run/walk); the workout distance; the completion date.

Select a Charity: Select a charity to fundraise for from our select list of featured charities; or use the Charity Navigator powered search function to select from over a million 501(c)(3) status (US registered) non-profits.

Invite Sponsor: Reach out to your friends, family or corporates to pledge for your goals. You can also self-pledge for the goals.

Complete Goal: Track your running, biking, and walking workouts using the Charity Footprints mobile application.

Money Donated: Complete your goal to unlock the pledge conversion to donations for the selected charity.

Note: All donations will be processed through our payment processing partner Network For Good, an industry leader in Donor Advised Funds.


Benefits for Users: Support worthy causes while motivating yourself to stay active and fit. Challenge your friends to equal your workouts and/or the amount of money you raise.

Benefits for Non-profits: Find a new pool of donors who link charitable giving to personal fitness. Use our app to easily organize run/bike/walkathon events anywhere, anytime – lasting one day, one week, one month, or one year – with close to zero overhead or staff time.

Benefits for Individual Sponsors: Make tax-deductible donations to worthy causes while motivating your friends and family to stay active and have a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits for Corporate Sponsors: We partner with corporations who want to encourage their communities and employees to lead a healthy lifestyle and support worthy charities. Please email us at to learn more about our corporate partners program.