Lets Talk Menopause

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78 71st Street Brooklyn, NY 11209 | Program Focus: Health


Let’s Talk Menopause envisions a world in which menopause is broadly understood and comprehensive menopause care is standard

We started Let’s Talk Menopause because we've learned from our individual experiences—and those of just about every other woman we know—that too many women do not get the information, support, and healthcare they need during menopause. Too many of us are suffering unnecessarily. Too many of us don’t know what to ask. Let’s Talk Menopause aims to change this through education and advocacy. We want to empower women to seek the relief they need and encourage them to talk openly about their menopause experience.

Our Mission

Let’s Talk Menopause is a nonprofit invested in changing the conversation around menopause so women get the information they need and the healthcare they deserve.