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Footsteps For Hoofprints 2022 Campaign

Fathima Sherin Fathima Sherin
Sep 2022

Footsteps For Hoofprints 2022 Campaign
Glory Bound Rescue Ranch is a 501-c3 organization that takes in animals who have been abandoned, abused, neglected, at risk of death, or are no longer able to stay with their family.
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Glory Bound Rescue Ranch Mission

RESCUE, REHABILITATE, AND RENEW the lives of animals who need to find new loving homes or live out their best years in our care. We depend on community involvement and support to help us continue our mission. Rescue them all one by one until there are none!

Our founder, president, and lifelong animal lover, Jennifer Finkelman, started Glory Bound over 20 years ago. Originally, it was meant to be a quiet place to keep her horses, have a few boarders, and give riding lessons. However, that all changed when she rescued a draft horse, Ripley, who needed Jennifer as much as she needed him. He forever changed her life and her path. It was Ripley’s rescue that helped evolve Glory Bound into the rescue ranch it is today.

Glory Bound is a no-kill animal sanctuary that rescues animals from abuse, neglect, risk of death, and abandonment. Every day we strive continue our Purpose to be a Voice for the Voiceless and are determined to RESCUE ON.

About Footsteps For Hoofprints Campaign

Glory Bound Rescue Ranch ( is a no-kill animal sanctuary located in Marengo, IL that is home to over 100 abandoned, abused, or neglected animals. Most of the animals in their care are abused senior horses rescued from the kill-pen. Your participation will help Glory Bound Rescue Ranch continue to save horses and ponies from slaughter, as well as provide medical care and the resources to rehabilitate/ them to give them a second chance at life. Our goal this year is to raise $15,000, which will pay for 3 sanctuary horses for a full year.

In 2021 with help of Charity Footprints, we managed to bring together 44 amazing participants and over 90 generous donors we raised $4,788 for our horses! This year, our goal is to have more than 150 participants, take 15,000,000 steps collectively, and raise $15,000 or more. The fund raised will help cover all food, hay, supplements and medical costs for three sanctuary horses for the full year. With a platform like Charity Footprints, fundraising goals are easy, fun, and achievable!

Glory Bound is a 501c3 organization and your participation fees and/or donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Glory Bound Rescue Ranch With Charity Footprints

We worked closely with Charity Footprint in 2021 on our first race campaign. We were guided every step of the way with their help! We plan on using Charity Footsteps annually for our event!

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