Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday 2022

Fathima Sherin Fathima Sherin
Oct 2022

About Giving Tuesday 2022
Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of radical generosity. GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Since then, it has grown into a year-round global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. The global network collaborates year-round to inspire generosity around the world, with a common mission to build a world where generosity is part of everyday life.
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Giving Tuesday Unleash Generosity

When is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the day directly after Cyber Monday. Every year, on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, people take the time to kick off the holiday season by giving back to their community. Whether donating money to a charitable cause or volunteering, Giving Tuesday is a day set to benefit the community.
Giving Tuesday Together We Give

The History of Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday was founded in 2012 by New York’s 92nd Street Y in partnership with the United Nations Foundation. The holiday was first announced in September 2012, two months prior to the first Giving Tuesday occurring on November 27. The technology website, Mashable, made the announcement. The purpose of the day is to inspire people and companies to take action, just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday created a framework for retailers to sell merchandise.
Giving Tuesday Together We Give Shortly before and after November 27, 2012, Giving Tuesday was covered by “The Washington Post,” the White House official blog, ABC News, and “Huffington Post.” Forbes also used the occasion to publish a guide on effective giving.

In 2013, Mashable partnered with Google+ to hold a ‘hangout-a-thon’ for Giving Tuesday. The holiday received coverage on many philanthropy information websites, including “The Chronicle of Philanthropy” and Charity Navigator.
For the 2018 holiday occurrence, Facebook and PayPal announced they’d match up to $7 million in donations to United States nonprofits on a first come first serve basis. The match limit was hit after only an hour, with an announcement saying the match was achieved within seconds. A total of $125 million was raised via Facebook on Giving Tuesday, the highest for a single day on the platform.
Giving Tuesday Timeline 2022

The vision of Giving Tuesday

GivingTuesday reimagines a world build upon shared humanity and generosity. Generosity is uplifting, generative, equalizing, and connecting. Each and every act of generosity is a worthy act in and of itself. Generosity is Giving Tuesday’s primary means and the foundation of strategies.

The mission of Giving Tuesday

GivingTuesday is a movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world. Giving Tuesday is invested in communities around the globe with a mandate to propel generosity across every culture, continent and content.

The impact of Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday Generosity Counts Giving Tuesday is a global movement in it’s tenth year and a newly independent start up. In 2012, when GivingTuesday was launched, it had a big goal: to make giving more central in daily life. Their commitment to a core set of values, an open, distributed leadership model, and a belief in transformational partnerships set on a course to build the first global generosity movement and the first global day of celebration open to anyone and everyone.

Today, GivingTuesday is an inclusive and pluralistic community of millions of givers, with activity in every country on every continent. Around the world, across diverse giving cultures, our network of local leaders in over 80 countries and hundreds of communities innovate, collaborate, and inspire collective generosity as a way to build the world they want to live in.

As Giving Tuesday looks to its tenth anniversary and set sights on the next ten years, all are energized by the opportunity of creating a better future, together and they approach that work with hope, ambition, and humility.

Worldwide Movements

Giving Tuesday has a global presence through 80+ country movements spanning the world, each representing their own unique cultures and needs, while remaining united in their determination to mobilize their countries around generosity and shared humanity.

In each country, a team of entrepreneurial leaders work with their own ecosystems of communities, nonprofits, platforms, religious institutions, families, schools, and private sector partners to drive increased giving, connection and innovation.
Giving Tuesday World Map

Giving Tuesday stats for the past 2 years

Giving Tuesday Stat 2021
  1. An estimated 35 million adults participated in the November 30 2021 Giving Tuesday event in the United States, which is a 6 percent increase over 2020.
  2. The day raised an estimated $2.7 billion overall, which is a 9 percent increase over 2020.
Giving Tuesday Stat 2020
  1. Organizers called an “unprecedented level of giving in 2020,” the totals represent a significant continued trend of increased generosity.
  2. The GivingTuesday Data Commons estimates that 34.8 million people participated in GivingTuesday 2020, a 29% increase over 2019. Further, GivingTuesday reports total giving increased from $1.97 billion to $2.47 billion in the United States alone, representing a 25% increase compared to GivingTuesday 2019.

How could Giving Tuesday benefit your non-profit organization?

Giving Tuesday Generosity Counts By participating in Giving Tuesday nonprofits get the opportunity to attract new donors and raise more money. People come together to make an impact in their communities during a unified day of giving. Participation puts your nonprofit in a class of others that are celebrating the community of philanthropy together. 85% of people surveyed globally gave in 2021; non-monetary giving was 2x more common than monetary giving. Giving to non-registered entities was two times more common than giving to registered entities in the U.S. Also Giving Tuesday can be a good way to kick off virtual giving campaigns and continue to create engagement for the coming year.

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