Giving Tuesday

How to Run a Stellar Giving Tuesday 2021 Fundraiser

Anila Wadhera Anila Wadhera
Nov 2021

giving tuesday virtual fundraiser
The power of giving may be understated, but it cannot be underestimated! “After two days good for the economy, this would be a day good for the soul,” said Henry Timms, the executive director of the 92nd Street Y. He came up with a simple yet powerful idea that the Thanksgiving holiday should also be used as a moment to reflect on one’s blessings, rather than focusing completely on consumerism. And that is how Giving Tuesday came into being. Giving Tuesday is every fundraising professional’s opportunity to capture the interest of donors who are seeking out meaningful ways to make an impact. Read further to understand how to run a Giving Tuesday campaign that everyone will remember.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Born in 2012, Giving Tuesday is a global movement that brings out the power of radical generosity and inspires millions of people to celebrate selfless giving. It’s a day that encourages people to do good by the simple act of giving, and it could be in the form of time, donation, the power of voice in local communities, or supporting an issue or people you care about.

Giving Tuesday charities now span 75 countries and hundreds of city/cause-based community campaigns. 34.8 million people participated in 2020, a 29% increase over 2019, and an estimated $2.47B was raised during the 24 hours of Giving Tuesday in the US alone. In times where consumerism has reached menacing levels, every act of generosity counts, and everyone has something to give.

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3 Reasons for Nonprofits to Participate in Giving Tuesday

  1. Strategic Timing - Giving Tuesday happens at a time of the year when more and more people are looking to give back through charitable donations. The strategic timing of this event is a reason enough for you to work hard to create your own Giving Tuesday campaign.
  2. Capitalize on Momentum - Giving Tuesday creates a lot of buzz on social media around this time of the year. This groundswell of momentum helps to push potential donors to open their hearts and wallets.
  3. Raise Awareness - Giving Tuesday for nonprofits is not just a short-term fundraising tactic but a means to raise awareness about your cause while acquiring new donors. In addition to the immediate fundraising infusion, this also helps in making future campaigns more successful.

8 Steps to Run a Stellar Giving Tuesday Campaign

A Giving Tuesday campaign that does less but does it well is better than a disorganized fundraiser that hits every bullet on the list. Here are some steps to guide you through your ideal Giving Tuesday campaign.
  1. Join the #GivingTuesday movement
    The first step is to sign up, it's free, and you don't have to register. It's a good idea to connect with your local community to gain access to more opportunities, ideas, and information about the event.
  2. Set Goals for Your Campaign
    As with any fundraising campaign, it’s important to set specific goals that are measurable and adjustable. The Giving Tuesday organization gives some great suggestions to help you set clear goals for your Giving Tuesday campaign.
  3. Leverage Your Donor Base
    Brief your donors and supporters ahead of time so that they’re ready for the excitement and high pace of Giving Tuesday. Give out plenty of information explaining how and why they should share your messaging on Giving Tuesday. Provide concrete examples of the contribution’s impact (e.g., a donation of $10 takes care of 1 meal for a month).
  4. Engage Board Members & Partners
    Apart from donors and staff, leverage connections of board members and partners. Seek their advice to amplify your message to a larger audience. Existing corporate sponsors can also help you build your campaign audience.
  5. Create a Donor Stewardship Plan
    Create a strong donor journey map to onboard new donors, express gratitude, and use their data for future campaigns. Optimize your website with an easy-to-navigate donor page and form.
  6. Avail Technology to the Fullest
    Giving Tuesday tends to keep everyone busy with all the balls in the air, and it's important to manage the event well. That’s where we can help you organize your campaign, manage donors, and various other virtual logistics with our Non-profit Virtual Race Fundraisers.
  7. Set up a Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser
    Set up a peer-to-peer fundraiser to enable your existing supporters to drive donations and build trust with new donors. Give them the required talking points and motivation to spread your fundraising message to their networks.
  8. Leverage Social Media
    Use social media to promote your campaign, plan an email marketing campaign to prep your audience in advance, use the right Giving Tuesday hashtags (#GivingTuesday along with regional versions), share impact stories, and express gratitude to everyone who contributed to your campaign's success.


Creating outstanding Giving Tuesday campaigns requires proper strategy, timely planning, and careful analysis of your results to gain meaningful insights about your organization’s campaigns. We at Charity Footprints can help you through this journey of encouraging giving. Set up a demo today to - Get Fit. Give Back!

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