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'Captain Crunch' all the way to the top! - Lauren Grotegeers

Non-Profit Supported - Habitat for Humanity St. Charles County

Scott E. Mills Scott E. Mills
April 2019

We had a chance to speak to Lauren Grotegeers, #3 on the overall leaderboard for Habitat for Humanity St. Charles County’s Virtual Resolution Run! She’s passionate about powerlifting, crossfit and giving back to her community. Read on to learn how her dog Marvin was a big reason for her finishing second on the fitness leaderboard!

Scott: Thanks for joining us Lauren! Amazing job during the Resolution Run this year. We heard it was a competitive bunch ;). So tell us, where do you live?

Lauren: Florissant – it’s a city in St. Louis County, MO.

S: What is your favorite thing to do in the wonderful city of Florissant?

L: My fiancé and I moved here about a year ago and we live in a quiet neighborhood. We really enjoy taking our dog out for a walk around the neighborhood.

S: What are some of your hobbies?

L: Crossfit is my biggest hobby, which I do about 4-5 days out of the week. And definitely hanging out with friends.

S: Crossfit is a great workout. What book/movie/article/conversation has had the most profound impact on your life?

L: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - it just stuck with me. Since then, I’ve been to Iceland and I love traveling! The movie made me want to explore and see more of the world.

S: Oh very cool, where else have you traveled?

L: I’ve been around the US a lot. I turned 30 last summer, so my most recent international trip was to Dominican Republic with some girlfriends. And this was 5 weeks post ACL surgery!

S: Amazing! Iceland and DR on are my short list. When I ask this next question, there is often a common thread among athletes. If you were a brand, what would be your motto/mission?

L: Well since I’m a power lifter and I love dogs, it would have to be “Strong thighs and puppy dog eyes”.

S: Ha, love it. Let’s shift to giving back and making your community stronger. Why is it so important to you?

L: I went to college to get a degree in nonprofit administration and I’ve always volunteered in high school and been involved with outreach clubs. My parents instilled in us to help others and those that may need a hand-up, making our communities healthier.

S: What excites you to support Habitat for Humanity St Charles County?

L: I work for them full time, but also believe the mission they stand for. They are a hand up not a hand out. We say the only thing we give away is an opportunity.

S: For someone that might not know anything about Habitat, what would you want that individual to know about why it is so important to support this cause?

L: Biggest misconception is that we give away homes to poor people. We’re not that. It’s hard work for these families as they also contribute to building the home with us.

S: I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity Global Village, building homes in Honduras and the families were working right by our side. It was great to see. So moving to the fitness challenge, what was your strategy for hitting your fitness challenge goal?! What motivated you to go further?

L: I also have a part time job waiting tables so that got me a lot of my steps! But I’m also very active walking our dog, Marvin, when weather allows it and of course attending crossfit 4-5 times a week.

S: For this virtual race are you going out of your routine to do more? How did you do it?

L: Not too much. I did post my individual fundraising page and people did donate. It also made me get outside and walk my dog more often. If it was too cold, I did steps indoors and shared it with donors to show them they motivated me to get my steps in!

S: Did you have a fitness buddy/team that you worked out with? Was your buddy participating in the virtual race as well?

L: Everyone at my gym and they were very encouraging. Even at the office between all the ladies we were big into the fitness challenge and took walks after lunch.

S: A few rapid-fire questions here. Do you have a go-to recovery drink?

L: I do drink protein after every workout, particularly Ghost – it’s great tasting.

S: Do you lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle? Eat healthy?

L: I do the best I can and track my macros every day!

S: What one food do you wish had zero calories?

L: I’m a late night snacker and crave sweets, so cereal. And it’s not the healthy kind – I eat Captain Crunch lol.

S: Ha ha, we all have our weaknesses. What are your favorite brands (shoes, apparel, etc) that you like to do crossfit in?

L: NOBULL shoes - these are the patented crossfit shoes. They’re flat enough for weight lifting but functional that you can use for crossfit.

S: What is on your bucket list?

L: Well I’m getting married at the end of this year, so I can cross that off! That’s been taking a lot of time this year.

S: Congratulations!

L: Thanks! The big thing I want to do is enter a powerlifting competition. I was signed up last year but I injured my ACL. I’ve been training a lot so I’m looking forward to compete in the next year or two as I continue to rehab.

S: That’s fantastic. Lauren, it was great chatting with you today and thanks for taking the time. We wish you all the best in a successful rehabilitation of your ACL and hope you get to enter that powerlifting competition soon!

We wish Lauren nothing but the best for her powerlifting goals, wish her well for the rehab and are super inspired by her story of perseverance & giving back. You can donate to Habitat For Humanity St. Charles and show your support for Lauren!

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