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6 Steps to Effectively Monitor Your Giving Tuesday 2021 Campaign

Anila Wadhera Anila Wadhera
Nov 2021

6 Steps to Effectively Monitor Your Giving Tuesday 2021 Campaign
We are all aware that Giving Tuesday charities now span globally, with participation running in millions and growing exponentially year on year. Giving Tuesday for nonprofits (local as well as national), is a unique opportunity to host cause-based community campaigns.

Having strategized and launched an effective Giving Tuesday campaign, it's now essential for you to monitor it accurately. Here are 6 steps that will help you:

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  1. Get Your IT Systems Ready - Talk to your IT teams about emailing and fundraising systems. This discussion should revolve around how gifts would be counted and processed on that day, how you will receive real-time updates, how you will share goal status with your supporters, so on and so forth. It would help if you also prepared for the spikes that your website/app and other online systems might experience on Giving Tuesday.
  2. Analyze Audience Behavior & Trends - Observe audience behavior and trends in terms of critical metrics during your #GivingTuesday campaign. The insights that you derive from this measurement will help you make informed decisions around your fundraising, marketing, and other digital media strategies throughout the year.
  3. Install Tracking Codes - Install a tracking code on all your social media and email links to differentiate between traffic coming from different channels and measure the performance of each channel independently. This will also help you compare the performance of messages and identify the most effective ones.
  4. Gather Feedback - Think in advance about how you would like to gather feedback while organizing any event or volunteer activity. You can create feedback note cards for exit and ask attendees to share their thoughts about the event or activity. It's also a good idea to use this opportunity to capture the email addresses of your attendees to build lists for future use.
  5. Monitor Analytics & Insights - Check insights/analytics of all your social media platforms. You can do this by using the built-in social media listening tools. You can find these in the backend of your profiles. These tools will give you insights into your daily engagement, reach, likes, shares, etc., along with the demographics of your followers.
  6. Analyze Funnel Behavior - Set up Google Analytics on your website, if you haven’t already done so. It is a powerful, free, and easy-to-use tool that will help you track valuable data such as website visitors, their location, their behaviour/browsing history on your website, bounce off/exit analysis, i.e. where exactly did the donors fall out of the funnel, and much more! These insights will go a long way to help you optimize your navigation and flow.
So if you are a non-profit that has invested a great deal of time and effort in launching your Giving Tuesday campaigns, you must leverage the Giving Tuesday and the next few days to collect insights with proper monitoring of your campaign to be able to build more effective strategies to engage with your audience in the future!

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