Empowering the One

Charity Footprints Partner - Empowering the One

6037 N. Elizabeth Street | Program Focus: Human Services


Freedom, Dignity, Purpose

We empower youth aging out of the orphanage in Haiti to transition back into the community; providing a safe place for them to land, an education, a mentor, leadership and service opportunities and mindset training. Since some of our youth have been rescued from human trafficking in the past, our program focuses on both prevention and aftercare of exploitation. Step 1: Make sure these youth have a safe place to land as they age out of the orphanage and transition back into the community. Because each youth's situation is unique where they go depends on their circumstance. 1). Extended family wherever possible 2). Foster family in the community 3). Partnering with other organizations to transition to independent living within the community. STEP 2: Once a child has transitioned back into the community we provide trauma therapy and family counseling/training to set them up for success. STEP 3: Continue to send a mentor to meet with them weekly to determine goals and direction. STEP 4: Determine the best course for education. Options include Classical school, Vocational Training/Apprenticeships, and Entrepreneurial Projects. STEP 5: Continue to follow up through workshops, business training and other opportunities. Graduates of our program (as determined by our program director) will be given the opportunity to be mentors for other youth aging out of the orphanages and can qualify for micro loans and scholarships for future businesses and education. To learn more visit our website at: https://www.empoweringtheone.org/

Our Mission

Empowering youth at risk of human trafficking to create a life of Freedom, Dignity, and Purpose.