Girls Rising

Charity Footprints Partner - Girls Rising

P.O. Box 161218, San Diego CA | Program Focus: Human Services


Empowering girls to reach new heights!

Girls Rising aims to build strong, empowering relationships through positive role-modeling and support for girls aged 8-17. Our program helps girls develop supportive, key relationships and allows them to feel a sense of belonging to a community that is built on sisterhood and connection. Our events and activities prioritize 3 focuses: STEM, Health and Wellness, and Arts and Music, which fuel opportunity for growth both personally and professionally.

Our Mission

The mission of Girls Rising is to empower girls from eight years of age to early adulthood through a sisterhood of mentorship and career readiness support. Our Girls Rising Mentorship Program is built through example and community. We believe the value of mentorship is realized through positive modeling and support for girls aged 8-17 from San Diego and Riverside County areas with the greatest need. Our program for young women between 18-24, Women Emerging, focuses on career readiness and personal development.