Grow A Strong Family Inc.

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101 Great Rd., #179, Bedford MA 01730 | Program Focus: Public, Societal Benefit


Supporting those impacted by those with mental illnesses/brain disorders.

Grow a Strong Family is based on the strong belief that no one should live in isolation, especially caregivers and families impacted by others with brain disorders/mental illnesses. Grow a Strong Family supports caregivers, family members, and professionals impacted by the serious mental illness/brain disorder of a loved one. The comprehensive multimedia website offers a great many programs easily accessed by a click. Other than the fee-for-service coaching program, the courses, and the shop, everything is complimentary and virtual. Our funding sources are primarily through donations, grants, and the coaching. New materials are added regularly. There is a monthly newsletter, a blog updated several times a month, an open and a closed Facebook page, and several professionally-led virtual peer support groups including Live! parent survivors child suicide and Replanting Lives for family members . Referrals and collaboration with other professionals are an integral component of family life education and Grow a Strong Family regularly engages with others.

Our Mission

Provide support, education, and services to the families, caregivers, and professionals impacted by individuals with mental illnesses/brain disorders.