Jerod House Inc. in partnership with RAG

Charity Footprints Partner - Jerod House Inc. in partnership with RAG

4592 Tulip Bend Dr., Memphis, TN | Program Focus: Human Services


"There is no greater exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up"

The Jerod House Inc., a non profit organization located in Memphis Tennessee was formed by Lieutenant Colonel JoAnn Lewis, in honor of her son Jerod, a fallen hero, who passed away due to gun violence. In the realm of Jerod House Inc, a sanctuary for souls touched by turmoil, a noble endeavor takes flight. Collaborating with Heroes In Recovery, they weave a tapestry of hope with the visionary event "HOPSCOTCH 4 HEROES." This odyssey, spanning the nation's expanse, seeks to cast light upon the emergent and unmet needs of American Veterans. Within the heart of American Heroes In Recovery beats a steadfast belief in the potency of communal care during times of trial. "HOPSCOTCH 4 HEROES" transcends mere fundraising; it stands as a beacon of unity and empathy for the defenders of our land. As this journey unfurls, a chorus of diverse voices unites to champion those who have valiantly safeguarded our nation. Through this noble quest, the goal resonates beyond monetary gains, aiming to ignite dialogues, effectuate legislative changes that streamline timely access to quality care within the VA , kindle awareness, and embolden Veterans to reclaim their essence with honor and resilience. Together, under the banner of solidarity and humanity, we sow seeds of transformation, illuminating a path towards a brighter dawn for our revered American Heroes. According to Veterans Affairs (VA), 20 veterans complete suicide per day. In a bid to reduce the number of suicides and improve the overall quality of life of the nation’s Veterans, Recovery Associates Group (RAG), a pioneering mental health treatment facility, is turning talk into action with the launch of the Hopscotch 4 Heroes challenge to raise funds for Veterans suffering from acute mental health complex trauma, addiction issues, and other critical challenges adjusting to life after service. Our goal is to engage participants nationwide to join our movement and help meet our goals between memorial (May 27th ) and Veterans Day (November 12th). Let's get involved today!

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip Veterans with skills and resources that empower them to successfully transition from clinical management to self management using an evidenced based and integrated treatment model. Our vision is to create a culture of care that improves quality of life and fosters long-term second order change , not just symptom relief.