Not Abandoned

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Empower Freedom

Not Abandoned is not just an anti-trafficking organization. We are an organization that labors to empower women who have been exploited. It’s not about a rescue from trafficking. It’s about providing tools for a woman to regain and maintain her freedom. We hold the deep conviction that no matter how messy, complex, or slow her recovery process is, that she can and will come to know, she is not abandoned. Not Abandoned endeavors to help empower the most vulnerable through steady support, trauma-informed care, and practical training opportunities to live a life of physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom and purpose. We choose not to label the women we work with as trafficking victims because that is not their true identity. Exploitation is something that happened to them, it does not need to define who they are. They were victimized but they are not victims, and yes, there is a difference. Those who oppress, force, or manipulate the vulnerable to wear a cloak of a different identity, sometimes that of prostitute or slave. As a society it is easy to only see the false identity, judging her without truly seeing the real person behind the façade. We are here to help tear down the façade, rediscover the truth, and support these women on their path to freedom.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate sustaining freedom for the exploited by providing practical opportunities for empowerment through holistic programming.